let us introduce ourselves.

Hello 2012, we are… The Villatoro’s!

We are so excited and anxious to see what God has for us this year. He has been amazing in 2011, in blessing us with a home, marriage, and health; we can only imagine 2012 will be even more amazing.

The Villatoro's - Engagement Photo (Courtney Griffin Photography)Today, we just want to introduce who The Villatoro’s are. We have known each other for over 10 years; we’ve dated for about 7 of those years, got engaged August 2011 and married November 27th, 2011 – on our 7 year anniversary. It was a quick engagement, we didn’t need anymore time keeping us away from blissful married life, it was an amazing engagement and wedding planning time. Thank God for Tony and his support throughout it ALL!

Ruthie is a Graphic Designer and lover of photography, we hope one day this will be a full-time (work from home) gig. You can follow some of her work on her Carbonmade site. While Ruthie’s the creative one in this little family, Tony is a church planter, a different kind of creative. He’s a strong-willed, smart and caring man who, since he was a young teen has always aspired to planting a church in Houston’s Spring Branch area. Glorious Grace Church is our home church, we officially launched October 30th, and we love the people God has placed to be a part of our church family.

Now, it’s 2012 and we can hardly wrap our heads around it – it’s really not a huge deal, but… it is! A new year means a fresh start, in our case, we’re making decisions and goals for our first year of marriage together, as one. We are so excited! As you can tell, one of our goals this year is to blog – yes, blog, we’re going old-school. Well, at least for our generation. We want to share stories, recipes, God things, art & design, photos and just anything that comes to mind. Facebook, we feel, has hindered our ability to really soak in a “moment” and share it to the fullest extent. Don’t get us wrong, we love Facebook (and are completely guilty of this) but we’re hoping that in blogging we can relish in those special moments just a bit longer.

Our goal is to update regularly, it’ll be awesome to see all the things from 2012 in 2013. We hope you enjoy this year with us…!

With Joy, The Villatoro’s