… let’s try this again!

Well, January has now officially come and gone and we did not keep up with our weekly posts. Can I just say this? It is not as easy as it seems to write, I mean, you really have to sit down and make time for this. Which we haven’t done, but we will do! We’re making a schedule and will be posting more regularly starting… today.

Big things for January? 2 months of blissful married life with my wonderful husband. I know we’re still on our “honeymoon” phase but we’re enjoying it to the fullest! Ha. I’ve got to say, you never stop learning new things about your spouse when you’re in your first year… I’d guess you never stop learning at all, that’s what makes married life so interesting. I’m truly enjoying getting to know Tony, he’s quite amazing.

If when I began this blog I would’ve told you all the goals I had in mind for this year, this post would be quite incredible. It seems that God wants to show me He is my provider and He’s reminding me that I need to trust in Him. This month, after months of prayer (and at times frustration) over work life and setting aside aspirations and dreams, I received 5 completely different leads to new projects in one solid week; incredible doesn’t seem to do this justice. God is good!

One of my favorite parts about this new venture is that I don’t have to do it alone! When I married Tony I got two, not one, but two amazing and beautiful sisters-in-law. One of those amazing sisters is joining me. Rebecca is a wife and mother and I have tons to learn from her, but one of her other many talents includes sewing and craft-making. She is truthful but kind, patient and detailed, she truly balances my rush-rush, overly analytical, and side-tracked self which is an awesome thing. I’m so excited to get to start this year off with tons of projects, goals, and aspirations that will eventually launch out into a dream come true for Rebecca and I, as well as our families.

I’m looking forward to see how God’s purpose is fulfilled in my life! (Psalm 138:8, Tony and I’s favorite scripture.)