date night @ the rodeo… yipeee!

So, a Rodeo date night is definitely one everyone must have! It’s so much fun and let’s just admit, the food is incredible. Tony played the very-much-tweaked-to-make-people-lose basketball games and I played some silly old school carnival games that seemed easy but are obviously rigged too. We had a corn dog, Tony ate a turkey leg (his favorite!) and I had this delicious new food (for us) called Twister Dog – it’s basically a sausage on a stick with a potato twisted around it with some melted cheese to dip and ea, it was the best! Tony even enjoyed the little bit I shared. 🙂

I must say, I don’t know why we haven’t made ourselves go the last few years – we had a blast! It’s definitely going to be a new-old-tradition. Here is a mini collage to summarize our night.


Villatoros at the HLSR 2012