We “turn” 6 months old!

Today, Ruthie and I “turn” 6 months old of married life. What bliss. What joy. What peace.

Over a spaghetti dinner that she cooked, I commented that these last 6 months have been simply amazing. Then, we thought, what about those moments that we have had frustration or small misunderstandings? Yes, what about those times that we woke up in not such a great mood? These questions made us reflect a bit and then had us conclude that this marriage thing, this relationship of husband and wife, this union of man and wife, is the way we see sweeter joy, awesome wonder, and makes for more hilarity when we triumph over these trivial things.

The joy is much sweeter when we overcome challenges, bad moods, and the occasional burnt sausages for breakfast. The wonder becomes more awesome when we both can smile and see God work through difficult times of lack. The amusement is more hilarious when we can laugh out loud at each other when we do something silly that was not meant to be seen by the other person. A face, a dance step, the nonstop use (and abuse) of the washing machine because I like to wash clothes excessively. Yes, hilarity at its best!

The small difficulties of our young marriage has made us appreciate the “peace after the storm.”

In memory of our 6 month old married life, I leave you with our wedding video. I just watched it with my bride and it reminded us of vows, family, friends, unity… and delicious food!

-Mr. Villatoro


Spring Cleaning!

Today has been quite a Saturday! It started off great with me being able to sleep in till 10am, I can’t complain. 🙂 After that I decided it definitely had to be a “get things done” kind of Saturday. Since it’s Memorial Day weekend I actually have quite a few days off and know it tends to make me not want to get things done until my last free day but I think this year I’ll change it up and start early so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend without having that over my head.

You never really know how much stuff you begin to accumulate until you clean! And in all actuality this Spring cleaning started two weeks ago when I noticed my crafts closet was ridiculously overflowing and in need of shelves. I looked for shelves at thrift stores and online but couldn’t find one that would fit in my closet or was sturdy enough. So, last week my sweet husband surprised me with a new shelf from Ikea! The shelf fits perfectly and my baskets work great with it, apparently I can even add more shelves to it (don’t mind if I do).

The Villatoros - Spring Cleaning

Currently, my home is smelling like vanilla cream candles, clean laundry and a hot shower is waiting for me, I am about to get ready for my hot date! Please enjoy your weekend… I know I will. 🙂

With joy,


Several entries in this blog since January 2012 have been lots of “catching up” and “trying to do it again.” We simply are not used to keeping up with it, so… let’s try it again.

Here we go!
Married life has been great! I have married the girl of my dreams! The coldest day, November 27, 2011 (our wedding day) has produced days of laughter, delicious dinners for two at home and nights of watching our favorite TV shows. Every time I see my beautiful wife, I know that I am a blessed man.

Tonight, we did the unthinkable. As soon as Ruthie got home, she got the urge to “do something to the house.” I panicked. A few minutes later, I walked into our bedroom and caught her with a measuring tape muttering to herself, “5.4 feet plus 4.2 feet…” And yes, the unthinkable then happened. We spent the next hour and a half rearranging our bedroom furniture.

You see, when I was a child, I saw my mother (happy mother’s day, mom!) rearranging the home furniture all the time. Two months had not passed when I would come home from school with my siblings and would not recognize our “new” home.

Well, tonight that tradition was started in our home. And I cannot be happier. Memories from my childhood came and our bedroom looks amazing! Thank God for Ruthie’s creativity to see things in a different light all the time. Life is definitely not boring. That does not mean that I was… you know… when I was single. Whatever.

There has been talk around the household (Ruthie and I) that we may soon be adding a reading chair, more wall frames and a new TV in the living room. Then, we will rearrange the living room. I can’t wait. Note the sarcasm.

-Mr. Villatoro

Let’s catch up!

So, blogging definitely isn’t as easy as it seems to be. We promise (for real, this time) that we will try and keep it more frequent that our last two posts. Thanks for your understanding! Ha.

Lots has been going on in the Villatoro household! Tony has been busy with Glorious Grace Church‘s 2012 planning and executing events. We recently visited Oklahoma for the Heart of a Child conference with our two Kid’s Church teachers, it was a great blessing to hear from experience teachers, directors, and other ministry folks. We also held our first Family Movie Night this past Friday, April 27th, and it was a huge success! We had a family come in from Stafford and lots of young ones from the apartments nearby, needless to say, we were all very content with the night! Keep up with events going on at our church through our Facebook page.

April 10th, Ruthie launched RLVstudio website and Facebook page! This has been an amazing experience and we are both truly happy and excited for all the amazing things God has been doing with Ruthie through this. RLVstudio is focused on branding + graphic design collateral for small businesses, non-profits, and business professionals; do go visit Facebook or the website for more info or to just take a look.


Aside from RLVstudio, Ruthie and Rebecca officially launched R+R | events that charm + gifts that awe April 16th on Facebook and Etsy! We’re telling ya’, we’ve been busy. 🙂 R+R consists of all things memorable and sweet; we are here to help make your event and gifts go from BLAH to OOO-LA-LA! You can check out R+R’s Etsy Shop or Facebook Page for more details and ideas.


Besides all of the amazing NEW things happening, we’re enjoying the married life; the wonderful life! We were able to enjoy our first weekend off in April and enjoyed our time in Kemah and Galveston, both of which seem to have updated tremendously since either of us last visited. Enjoy the snapshots!

The Villatoro's April Getaway

Thanks for enduring this long update! Next time, it’ll be shorter but just as sweet.

With Joy,
Mr. + Mrs. Villatoro