Several entries in this blog since January 2012 have been lots of “catching up” and “trying to do it again.” We simply are not used to keeping up with it, so… let’s try it again.

Here we go!
Married life has been great! I have married the girl of my dreams! The coldest day, November 27, 2011 (our wedding day) has produced days of laughter, delicious dinners for two at home and nights of watching our favorite TV shows. Every time I see my beautiful wife, I know that I am a blessed man.

Tonight, we did the unthinkable. As soon as Ruthie got home, she got the urge to “do something to the house.” I panicked. A few minutes later, I walked into our bedroom and caught her with a measuring tape muttering to herself, “5.4 feet plus 4.2 feet…” And yes, the unthinkable then happened. We spent the next hour and a half rearranging our bedroom furniture.

You see, when I was a child, I saw my mother (happy mother’s day, mom!) rearranging the home furniture all the time. Two months had not passed when I would come home from school with my siblings and would not recognize our “new” home.

Well, tonight that tradition was started in our home. And I cannot be happier. Memories from my childhood came and our bedroom looks amazing! Thank God for Ruthie’s creativity to see things in a different light all the time. Life is definitely not boring. That does not mean that I was… you know… when I was single. Whatever.

There has been talk around the household (Ruthie and I) that we may soon be adding a reading chair, more wall frames and a new TV in the living room. Then, we will rearrange the living room. I can’t wait. Note the sarcasm.

-Mr. Villatoro


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