Spring Cleaning!

Today has been quite a Saturday! It started off great with me being able to sleep in till 10am, I can’t complain. 🙂 After that I decided it definitely had to be a “get things done” kind of Saturday. Since it’s Memorial Day weekend I actually have quite a few days off and know it tends to make me not want to get things done until my last free day but I think this year I’ll change it up and start early so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend without having that over my head.

You never really know how much stuff you begin to accumulate until you clean! And in all actuality this Spring cleaning started two weeks ago when I noticed my crafts closet was ridiculously overflowing and in need of shelves. I looked for shelves at thrift stores and online but couldn’t find one that would fit in my closet or was sturdy enough. So, last week my sweet husband surprised me with a new shelf from Ikea! The shelf fits perfectly and my baskets work great with it, apparently I can even add more shelves to it (don’t mind if I do).

The Villatoros - Spring Cleaning

Currently, my home is smelling like vanilla cream candles, clean laundry and a hot shower is waiting for me, I am about to get ready for my hot date! Please enjoy your weekend… I know I will. 🙂

With joy,


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