We “turn” 6 months old!

Today, Ruthie and I “turn” 6 months old of married life. What bliss. What joy. What peace.

Over a spaghetti dinner that she cooked, I commented that these last 6 months have been simply amazing. Then, we thought, what about those moments that we have had frustration or small misunderstandings? Yes, what about those times that we woke up in not such a great mood? These questions made us reflect a bit and then had us conclude that this marriage thing, this relationship of husband and wife, this union of man and wife, is the way we see sweeter joy, awesome wonder, and makes for more hilarity when we triumph over these trivial things.

The joy is much sweeter when we overcome challenges, bad moods, and the occasional burnt sausages for breakfast. The wonder becomes more awesome when we both can smile and see God work through difficult times of lack. The amusement is more hilarious when we can laugh out loud at each other when we do something silly that was not meant to be seen by the other person. A face, a dance step, the nonstop use (and abuse) of the washing machine because I like to wash clothes excessively. Yes, hilarity at its best!

The small difficulties of our young marriage has made us appreciate the “peace after the storm.”

In memory of our 6 month old married life, I leave you with our wedding video. I just watched it with my bride and it reminded us of vows, family, friends, unity… and delicious food!

-Mr. Villatoro


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