Hello Weekend Getaway!

San AntonioSince the beginning of our marriage, Ruthie and I have committed to hold to some priorities. One of them is to care for our marriage by taking a break from work. I work as a minister and also in the “secular” field while Ruthie is a part-time graphic designer at a company and works on her two side businesses on the off days. After a few months of the same routine, it serves us well to dedicate a few days of rest and relaxation. Because we value our relationship, we strive to do this.

So, every 4 months, we take a weekend off. As a minister, I work almost always every day and on the weekends. Like the sprinter at the Olympic races that practices daily for 8 seconds on the racetrack every 4 years, I prepare my sermons, study and pray daily for what will happen for 3 hours in the midst of a faithful congregation that meets every week on Sundays.

April 1st was our first weekend getaway. We went to Kemah and Galveston. It did our souls some good! This weekend we will do it again! After 16 weeks of preaching, I am glad I can rest a bit from the work that God has called me to. I will miss our church and when I come back to the pulpit the following week, I will feel like an eternity has passed, but I will be refreshed, well rested and ready to serve them well for the next 4 months.

schlitterbahn-new-braunfelsMy wife will be turning off my phone (hers, too), logging me off social media sites (hers, as well) and  we will be enjoying the company of each other. We are excited to spend some time in the largest waterpark in the world, Schlitterbahn (70 acres) and in an awesome city, San Antonio, Tx! Rest assured, Ruthie will be taking lots of pictures and will be posting them sometime when we get back! Goodbye Houston. Hello Weekend Getaway!

…and like I tell our church volunteers, “hold the fort!”

Signing Off,
Tony (and Ruthie)