Goodbye Summer.

Isn’t it amazing how fast this Summer went by? I’m so sad to see it go. I’ve been off for a while, again. Yes! But I’m catching up now.

Tony and I had a marvelous time in San Antonio in August. We’re so thankful to have had such a trip be made available to us. God is faithful! We started our trip Saturday morning and headed straight to Schlitterbahn which we have no photos from because we completely forgot to buy a water camera. It was an amazing day, the cold water, the hot sun, the paddling… the paddling. Wow. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was a combination of watching movies and vegging out half of a day in our hotel room. I think we did the right thing by staying in and resting, we really needed it. No thinking, no planning, no cleaning the house, no phones, no internet, no cooking. Just us two on the couch enjoying each others company while watching a good movie (…or 3). I think if we would have been at home we would have probably been doing one of the things I listed above, thank God for hotels and for discipline in knowing when to shut off the phone for some “us” time. SA Riverwalk

We had a lovely time at the Riverwalk, as always, the weather was pretty hot but we pushed through it and enjoyed the scenery. I even got to visit the Dallas Cowboys store! That was my favorite part, not Tony’s. Another stop was Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, that place is HUGE – doesn’t look that way from the outside but it is. So many peculiar things but they’re so interesting, you can’t help but read or look. This was Tony’s favorite!

I can’t imagine having a better weekend getaway back in August, this was such a treat and we are so blessed to have been able to venture off for those few days and enjoy some time off. So thankful for the memories, Summer, but Fall is here. We’ve got lots of birthdays to celebrate, our first anniversary to ‘cheers’ to, and so many more memories to make.

So I say Goodbye Summer, I’m glad you came. You were amazing in every way!

Ruthie Villatoro


Weeknight Date!

It is a rainy day. I wish that true fall weather was here to stay. Due to the rain, I came home early from work and had some time to scribble a few things on here. I am expectant, y’all. No, not “expecting,” but expectant. Expectant for the next three months in our marriage life. As day-planner people that we are, Ruthie and I look forward to many things, and I am excited. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s live in the moment.

Here we are, mid-September, and it seems like everything fell into place nicely today. Is it a coincidence that last week Ruthie and I planned a date night tonight? Could it be a coincidence that Ruthie’s last day at her current job falls on the day that our Groupons to Studio Movie Grill expire? Could it be a coincidence that I received a mailed gift card a few days ago with enough money to take my wife out? Could it be…?

Well, tonight, we will celebrate! Celebrate our love. Celebrate our life. Celebrate our dreams. Celebrate every blessing we have. In the Providence of God, it seems that things fall into place in our least expected time. Tonight is one of those times. So, let me get ready before we go… celebrate!

Mr. Villatoro