Weeknight Date!

It is a rainy day. I wish that true fall weather was here to stay. Due to the rain, I came home early from work and had some time to scribble a few things on here. I am expectant, y’all. No, not “expecting,” but expectant. Expectant for the next three months in our marriage life. As day-planner people that we are, Ruthie and I look forward to many things, and I am excited. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s live in the moment.

Here we are, mid-September, and it seems like everything fell into place nicely today. Is it a coincidence that last week Ruthie and I planned a date night tonight? Could it be a coincidence that Ruthie’s last day at her current job falls on the day that our Groupons to Studio Movie Grill expire? Could it be a coincidence that I received a mailed gift card a few days ago with enough money to take my wife out? Could it be…?

Well, tonight, we will celebrate! Celebrate our love. Celebrate our life. Celebrate our dreams. Celebrate every blessing we have. In the Providence of God, it seems that things fall into place in our least expected time. Tonight is one of those times. So, let me get ready before we go… celebrate!

Mr. Villatoro


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