the world’s worst bloggers.

It is quite apparent that Tony and I are officially terrible bloggers. I can hardly believe we are 8 months into the year and have not made a single post about all the goodness that has happened.

© Baby NiecesTo give you a quick wrap-up, we’ve moved to a slightly bigger apartment – with a second bathroom (thank you, Jesus!) and some more dining/living room space for our home gatherings which is working out so well! Our Grace Group is growing and living on mission. So thankful we got to attend two conferences as well, ACTS29 and SEND. We got to learn more and received much needed encouragement. We now have a total of three nieces! 🙂 Two baby nieces were born in April, Galia and Ilena (check out their photo, done by me 🙂 I’m a proud “Tia”). Yes, they are twins and they are the epitome of JOY along with our first niece, Ellie, who is growing and incredibly smart!

© on VacationAs for Tony and I, we’ve had big highs and some lows but through them both God’s grace has been so near. His undeserved love and provision has been constant, always, and for that I am grateful. Tony has grown so much as my husband, my leader, my teacher, my pastor. God has also been working in me, in my heart, to get through many fears and insecurities that I alone put up myself. I must say, I feel like I have also grown a lot. I am not perfect, far from it, but I can look back and see where and how God has changed my heart. He has reminded me that I am not to live to satisfy myself but to serve others, most of all, my husband. Recently, we got to take an awesome cruise vacation and time off from everything. Our time together and the plentiful rest we received was amazing!

For now, I’ll keep this update short. 🙂 I’ll have a post coming up this week for our current Labor Day DIY home project. Hint Hint – it has to do with our home office! Yipee!

With Joy & By His Grace,
Ruthie V.


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