we’re those people.

Not everyone is meant to have a “goals board” staring them smack in the face everyday. But, we have one.

This year, instead of writing a list of goals on a sheet of paper, we decided to put it on one of our walls in the office. Yep! This way, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t remember. I’m not saying that this will make us perfect. No, not at all. But, this will certainly help eliminate most excuses. Last year was pretty amazing and we can’t take any credit; God showed off big time. Our life is blessed beyond measure and that is all thanks to God’s provision of love, care, health and provision of finances.

I love it when I can find something I’d love to have from my Pinterest DIY board, and then convince my husband that we need it. Well, this was one of those exceptions. Ha. So, thanks to Shanty-2-Chic for this awesome DIY step by step guide! I think they made this into a family picture board, but I just totally knew it was exactly what we needed for our goals when I saw it. Our wall in the office had the space & my man has the talent! Tony tweaked some of the measurements and used a stain we preferred (aged wood), then, voila! Look at this thing. It’s just beautiful to look at it in the office and remember what it is we’re shooting for this year, in a nicely framed board.

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

I used twine to hang our goals on small note cards. The “Family Goals” letters I had in my craft closet from a previous trip to Target’s dollar section (don’t you love that little corner?) and finally put them to good use! The little clothes-pinned cards were made my me – I just had Tony and I write them down first and then I shortened the goals to give them catchy names or quick drawings, for a spiffier look. On the backside of the cards we’re keeping notes & progress. I must say, it’s been working out great and we’re still in March!

For now, I’ll just leave you with this to soak in. Family goals don’t have to be scary and hazardous. I’ve heard many pros and cons. For us, it’s always been so much fun! Reaching goals is like a game; you want to achieve all of your goals but you know there is always a chance that it will not happen & you’ve just got to be okay with that. The point is that you tried!

With Joy,

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