Tim Keller Took my Weekly Allowance…

Well, I gave it to him. Sort of.

Tim Keller’s new book, “Center Church,” has been out for a few weeks. One of my friends had read a bit from it already and had encouraged me to buy it. I had seen it around and had read good reviews on it. So, when another friend of mine told me that Lifeway had it on sale for $19.99 instead of the original asking price of $29.99, I got happy. Yes, I did.

See, my wife and I have set for ourselves a weekly allowance. We use that allowance for eating out during the week, buying an overpriced drink at Starbucks, purchasing chips at the convenient store and things of that nature. We try to stay under our weekly allowance. So, when my friend told me about the sale on Tim Keller’s new book, I got happy. I rushed out and bought it… with my weekly allowance! Im glad next week is right around the corner. I would have hated to have spent my weekly allowance on Monday.

I cannot wait to dig into this 8 section textbook of how to do Gospel ministry in the city where I, as part of a church, am called to reach.

…And remember this post was not really about the book (although I’ve attached a pic and a video of it). This post was about me giving Tim Keller my weekly allowance.

-Mr. Villatoro